What is your (My) dream ?


After a long long time, I did not update this blog, now I’m opening a new post with question title ” What Is Your (MY) dream? ”

…Actually many things happenned in this long time, but will to write is something like a suddenly call, that can appear and disapper in same time.

After watched I AM, a korean movie that tells about the journey of sm entertainment especially their artist.. a question appeared..

“What Is Your Dream? actually what is my dream?”

Until now, in 17 years old or people say my sweet seventeen, I dont have any idea about my dream, a dream that I want to make it comes true in this world.  We are as muslims agree that our destination living in this world is praying to Allah SWT, pray not only as religion ritual but our religion, Islam is our way to life.

And in this world, we know there are so many dreams, when we were child, our parent asked us what is your dream? Dream is something  that cant we touch but we can feel it, something that direct our way, something so important.

What is my dream?

Yes, I have a very common dream but so hard to reach it, dream that every muslim want it, comeback to Allah with khusnul khotimah and enter jannah…

Is it a dream? or is a must?

I think it is a must…something that we have to..

so I dont have any dream to make it happens in this world now?

A footballer who wants to be a great international player for great team..that is dream…so he trained so hard since he was kid.

An entertainment maybe, like artists of sm ent want to be a great musician,actress,comedian..so they had thorought a hard training since theye’re kid.

A novelis, learn to write, read many books, looking for an inspiration…

A dai, spread her/his religion knowledge..oh a good dream a good act a good goal..a good job

I’m so envy of them…

In my 17 years old, I still don’t have a dream, I still don’t know how to have it…

#please corret me if something wrong in this post..thank you 😀


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